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Zachar Laskewicz was born in Western Australia in 1971. After studying extensively in music, theatre, linguistics and multimedia performance, he attained his doctorate in theatre studies at the University of Ghent in Belgium. His studies were completed by a post-doctoral Masters of Letters specializing in Gender Studies and Queer theory. He has published extensively in both books and academic journals and he has worked as a professor of music, literature and performance at universities in both Taiwan and mainland China. In addition he has started a Balinese gamelan in Brussels, performed and lectured around Europe and in places as diverse as Finland, Denmark and Lithuania, among many other activities which have kept him busy. Currently he works primarily as an independent creative artist, composer, writer and filmmaker in the city of Ghent, Belgium, where he presently resides.


A list of official publications is included below.



Book (English)                           


Book (English)

LASKEWICZ, Zachar (2004) Music as Episteme, Text, Sign & Tool, Brussels & San Francisco: Saru Press.

                                        [ISBN 0-9532-713-07]



Article in Magazine (Dutch)


LASKEWICZ, Z. (2003) "Muziek-Theater in Bali" in: Kunsttijdschrift Vlaanderen 297, jg. 52/11-03, pp. 222-227.

                                         [ISSN 0042-7683]



Academic Journal 


 LASKEWICZ, Zachar (2003) "From the Hideous to the Sublime"

                in: Performance Research Journal, R. Gough, J. Christie (eds.), 8(3).

                              [ISSN 1352-8165]



Internet Publication                            


LASKEWICZ, Zachar (2002) "Wondrous Textual Machines: new forms of textuality in a changing world,"

               in: The New Information Order and the Future of the Archive, John Frow (ed.), University of Edinburgh.

                              [ISBN 0-9532-713-07 (html) 0-9532-713-15 (pdf)]



Article in Book                    


LASKEWICZ, Zachar (2002) "Popular Music and Interculturality,"

                in: Refashioning Pop Music in Asia: Cosmopolitan Flows, Political Tempos, and Aesthetic Industries, Curzon Press, London.

                              [ISBN 0-7007-140-14]


Article in Book (French/English)   


LASKEWICZ, Zachar (2002), "[radical] Experimentation, [enforced] Machination and [involuntary] Stage-Fright:

the Utter Terror of the Non-discursive",

               in: Homo Orthopedicus: Le corps et ses prothèses à l'epoque (post)moderniste, Paris, L'Harmattan: 369-391.

                              [ISBN ]



Article in Proceedings (German/English)


LASKEWICZ, Zachar (2001), "The Self-Reflexive Cultural Myth", in: Myths, Rites, Simulacra: Semiotic

Viewpoints, Vienna, Hochschülerschaft a.d. TU Wien/Wirtschafsbetriebe: 225-234.

               [ISBN 3-900494-36-3]



Article in Proceedings (Multilingual)              


LASKEWICZ, Zachar (1998) "The Organic Presence of the Sign in Balinese Performance Texts," in:

Semiotics Bridging Nature and Culture: Proceedings of the 6th Congress of the IASS-AIS, Guadalajara, Mexico,

13-19 July, Adrián Gimate-Welsh (ed.), CD-ROM.



Academic Journal 


LASKEWICZ, Zachar (1998) "From ZAUM: new music-theatre in three movements",

in: CHAIN, Summer 1998, University of Hawai'i Press

               [ISBN 0-9666-303-00, ISSN 1076-0520].



Descriptive Article (Finnish/Suominen)         


VELIPAKKA, Inka (1997) "Musiikiss ani on kysmys monitasoisuudesta - intertekstuaalisudesta",

               in: Muusikko, 1/97, pp. 12-13, Finland (article concerning Laskewicz’s work in Finland).

                              [ISSN 0356-7923]



Honours Thesis                   


Extending the Significative Potential of Music in the Theatre: towards a new concept of signification

Prof. D. Moody, Prof. M. O'Toole (supervisors), Murdoch University, Western Australia



Academic Journal 


LASKEWICZ, Zachar (1991) "Using Music as an Open Creative Resource",

               in: New Music Articles (issue 9) 1991, pp. 26-30, NMA Publications.
                              [ISSN 4567-7483]





Major Writings



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