for six flautists or solo flute (& alto flute) with pre-recorded accompaniment

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MOOD MOVEMENT AND REFLECTION is a composition for six flautists or solo flute and tape.  Performers 1 and 4 also require an alto flute.  The word "reflection" in the title refers both to the contemplative nature of the gradual development within the work and to the fact that the structure of the composition is symmetrical: during the second half of the composition, the music develops backwards, note for note, until the beginning (end) is reached.  It is important that many performance elements in the first section are reflected (played in reverse) during the second half, i.e volume changes, speed increases etc.  "Mood movement" refers to the way the piece moves through a variety of gradually transforming emotional states, and is also  a play on the word movement in its musical sense.


If the work is performed with tape, flute parts 2-6 are prerecorded.  The stereo positioning of the recorded flutes is reflected also in the diagram below:  flute 2 is panned left, flute 3 right, flute 5 mid-left and flute 6 mid-right.




May 2008 Nachtschimmen Music-Theatre-Language Night Shades, Ghent (Belgium)
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