flute trio in 2 Acts

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Play an excerpt from Bizarre Acts One: Shards on the mp3 player below...

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flute trio in 2 acts
[1] score (& parts): available via the composer, the Australian Music Centre & the WA State Library (soon to be availabe as PDF document from this website).
[2] recording: fragment on the Bizarre Acts Page (8902_BIZ)
[3] PDF downloads: still unavailable.

NOTES: 3 flautists have the opportunity to play two contrasting compositions, one at a dynamic level, and the other the funereal. The title is obviously a joke on what one would suggest a 'bizarre act' could be (I was making that type of joke before I left high-school in my music, demonstrating my attitude towards the strict classical traditions. The scores can be obtained individually or as part of the larger volume 'flute works' in 1992 (see above).

SHARDS (1987)
Flute Trio
For 3 flautists
Availability Methods: a, c, e, h, k, m.

[1] T-8701-SHA-01 (score)
[2] E-9101-FWO (collection of flute works)

Flute Trio
For 3 flautists
Availability Methods: a, c, e, h, k, m.
This work is composed to sound melodramatically mournful, with flowing melodies in a minor-key which sound well when sounded by three flutes play together. Enjoying the word itself, Laskewicz found a reason to write the composition, providing also a dramatic contrast to the first ‘act’. This demonstrates Laskewicz’s interest in language, music and signification even from his early composition days
[1] T-8702-OBS-01 (score)
[2] E-9101-FWO (collection of flute works)



May 2008 Nachtschimmen Music-Theatre-Language Night Shades, Ghent (Belgium)
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