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A forum for documentation, correspondence and opinions relating to the misappropriation of the Laskewicz Estate by the person responsible for its execution : LIDIA ROZLAPA



• This account has been prepared by myself, Zachar Laskewicz, grandchild of the deceased Elena and Vladimir Laskewicz who were my Belorussian grandparents. Its an attempt to reconcile personal issues caused by what I consider to be an unfairly executed estate. Although constructing a site like this makes me look like an embittered relative out for revenge (and financial recompense), conceding defeat belittles me and my dead brother and leaves me in the even worse position of being forced to believe that what I suspect of myself is true: that I am less deserving of love and respect and that the way I've chosen to lead my life is less worthy of recognition. At the outset, I'd like to emphasise the fact that no other person was involved in encouraging me to construct this site and that my account may well be flawed considering the fact that the family made such an effort to keep me from knowing anything about it.

• Elena and Vladimir Laskewicz, Belorussians who emigrated to Australia after the second world war, had three children: Leonid, Lidia and Vera. Leonid Laskewicz is my father. Lidia got married to Andy Rozlapa. Vera got married to George Livingstone. Before my aunt Vera became ill with cancer, a will existed which divided the Laskewicz estate evenly between my father and his two sisters. Elena Laskewicz died in 2006; Vladimir followed in 2009. This account concerns the unfortunate revelations brought to the surface after the will had been settled following my grandfather's death. I'm making this account publicly available because I believe that the settlement of this will was only possible thanks to criminal negligence on the part of its executrix Lidia Rozlapa, a wealthy and powerful woman who has an important position in the Western Australian Department of Education. Settlement was only able to take place because I remained uninformed of the true nature of the will, as I will describe in more detail below.

• Vera finally succumbed to her sickness in 2002. According to Anna Livingstone (Vera's daughter), it was a clear arrangement between Vera and her mother that Vera's third of the inheritance would be passed on to Anna. The Livingstones assumed that the family would keep to these arrangements. They were sadly mistaken. Without anyone else's knowledge, a new will had been drawn up about four months after Vera died. For reasons which will become clear I believe that Lidia Rozlapa was the primary instigating force behind the deposition of this new will. No one found out about the existence of this document, of course, until after my grandfather died, and as I will describe below the existence of this document remaining secret to all those who didn't profit from it was essential to the success of Lidia Rozlapa's self-enriching plans.  I saw this will for the first time in January 2012 and then only because I had been contacted by Anna Livingstone (for reasons unrelated to the execution of the Laskewicz estate).  It was a truly shocking discovery.

• All copies of the original will vanished. The new will, however, is filled with inconsistencies and outright mistakes. My father's name, for example, was spelt incorrectly and my brother and I are listed as my grandfather's nephews. The only person we are the nephew to is Lidia herself.  In my mind this clearly demonstrates the fact that Lidia wrote the will that she was responsible to execute.  This alone is bad enough; the fact that that this will so brazenly enriches her own children is criminal.

• Although my father continues to deny it, he was almost certainly complicit in the whole affair. I still can't understand why he would allow his own children to be so unfairly disadvantaged; his willing complicity allowed Lidia and her clan to inherit more than half of the entire estate.  If he had questioned what his sister was doing and ensured that the will was fairly divided, it would not have reduced his share of the inheritance.  I can only explain his actions by way of either complete incompetence or an ultimate indifference to my best will.  The latter, and most likely, of the two choices is the most disquieting.

• Lidia hired a top legal team to ensure that any contestation would fail.  She got those who were profiting from it to lie for her. She kept those that were duped in the dark. As legal beneficiaries to the will, my brother and I had a right to see the will and Lidia Rozlapa had a legal obligation as executrix to ensure that we saw it.  But seeing that it was in her best interest that we didn't find out about the money she funnelled to her children, she kept it hidden from us.  Fortunately for Lidia my brother tragically killed himself as a result of mounting financial debt. If my brother was still alive when my grandfather died in 2009, and if he had been informed about the existence of the will which was so unfairly weighed against him, he would have been able to act against Lidia's tyranny as he was living in Australia. Unfortunately he never found out he was a benificiary in the will and I saw it for the first time in its complete form at the beginning of this year.  The document they finally sent me can be viewed here:

• When I finally did see the will, I was shocked to discover that Vera's third of the will was to be divided between Lidia Rozlapa's two children and Anna Livingstone, Vera's actual daughter. That means that Lidia's children - Kathryn and Mark Rozlapa - were to receive over $60,000 (AUS) each, even though they denied resolutely receiving a cent.  Anna Livingstone rightfully contested this unfair division and in agreeing to return to Anna a sum of $10,000 (AUS) each, the Rozlapa's conceded to the fact that this will contained inexplicable inconsistencies.  Unfortunately, unlike Anna, I did not have the opportunity to contest the will as I never saw it; Lidia Rozlapa ensured I remain in the dark by sending me post-settlement the first page of the will so that my suspicions would not be aroused.  Because of this unfair treatment, I will not rest until I'm restituted a sum equal to and not less than the amount received by Mark and Kathryn, minus the pitiful sum of $2000 (AUS) I accepted under false pretences. 

• I have uploaded this website to provide a forum to place all documentation and correspondence relating to the affair of Lidia Rozlapa and the Laskewicz Estate.  Lidia Rozlapa has an important position at the Department of Education in Western Australia.  As the managing director of the Great Southern Institute of Technology, she wields considerable financial and political power. One could say that the public has a right to know that someone in such an important position would be willing to perform such underhand acts of self-enrichment and it begs the question: should such a person willing to misappropriate funds have access to so much public power and money? The intention is to pressure her into either owning up to her crime or compensating me financially for the unjust and belittling way I was treated.



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Here is an official record of all correspondence sent concerning this matter. Mails are included in consecutive order and are coded with the first three letters of the recipient's surname and then the date.


sender: Dr Zachàr Laskewicz recipient: Lidia Rozlapa postal date: 30 May 2013

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sender: Dr Zachàr Laskewicz recipient: Anna Livingstone postal date: 9 March 2012


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sender: Dr Zachàr Laskewicz recipient: Lidia Rozlapa postal date: 5 March 2012


sender: Kott Gunning Lawyers, Robert Ross (solicitor) recipient: Zachar Laskewicz postal date: 7 February 2012


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