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This is the homepage for CURRENT PROJECTS. As the way I've structured my life has changed, my creativity has found new ways to express itself, and so I've got inventive with the website to include rubrics that reflect the creative activities I participate in. This page includes large-scale artworks, inventions, activity sheets and other endeavours which are currently in progress or have been completed. Icons are included in the menu to the right; firstly with the few projects that I've started (many are still waiting to get the necessary attention), and then with the other 'places' on the web where I've given myself the chance to find new ways to express myself. The PERSONAL WRITINGS page, for example, is intended to contain the short articles about my work and my life or even sometimes short fiction.


CURRENT PROJECTS of note include the story I'm writing online called POOR LITTLE PUDDY and my attempts to tune my art deco minipiano, 'pianette' model have resulted in me making a film about it.




NAXTŠKIMIS VILMIT strangely queer films



What is a 'minipiano'? How does it differ from a piano? These are some of the questions answered while attempting to tune my artdeco style 'Minipiano'. I try to dispell some of the rumours and get the truth out about what a unique instrument it is. So why do we know so little about it and is it so badly represented on the internet? Because we expect the wrong things of it; remember it came at as part of a 'fashion'; this one didn't find many takers in a contemporary world. But I think it's an amazing instrument with unique features that set it apart from a normal piano. If you see it is a different instrument, it's a lot harder to be disappointed by it.



This is the second film involving multiple actors that is filmed entirely in Disfodish; the language I use to point out the ways language both unite and alienates us from others. At the ENTKOBETIT DIŠTEBIS page you will find the Disfodish text as well as the various ways it can be translated. There are also a couple of screenshots and the ways I realised this filmically. The other actor involved in the project was Jonathan Shepherd who travelled up to Ghent from Paris to participate in the first project filmed at the NAXTŠKIMIS VILMIT studios in Ghent.


This new project involves a detailed record of my antique clock collection; primarily consisting of incredibly large and heavy 3 part marble edifices, which if they fell on my head would undoubtedly result in my arguably untimely demise. Each new addition will include the price I paid for the item, and the probable current value which will almost inevitably be nothing considering I spend most of my time either placing the clocks in such precarious places that they fall down and break into pieces (requiring broken parts and repair) or transforming them into other inventions such as toilet-roll holders or lamps! The link that will take you to this page is included in the menu to the right and below:



This page includes a list of all the horror films that you may never even heard of but are worth seeing for particular reasons which I try to make clear in short reviews. The list began as an IMDb list which I still maintain, but the freedom and the amount of text allowed in commentary made me decide to include a link to a page which would contain more detailed information about great films that are all too often ignored but are most certainly worth seeing if you're a fan of the genre. The link below will take you directly to the page:



















a set of queerly strange films...

Currently I'm preparing a DVD after receiving an invitation from an arts festival; it contains a selection of my films united by a number of themes, mainly linguistic estrangement, the trappings of society where the film medium plays a highly metaphorical role, distanciation and camp. Each of the entries contains a short description of the film. This DVD is available in PAL and NTSC. Some of the films are not intended for a general public because erotica is one of the guises the cultural estrangement uses to hide itself. These films are differentiated with an asterisk* so if you're offended easily, please don't watch them (the idea was never intended to offend people, even if they are all united by a desire to make you feel uncomfortable or unsure as suggested in the text of the opening film.

A STRANGE APPARITIONS DVD Booklet is also available to download to accompany this set of films. In addition, a page containing the major texts with an introduction to the language 'Disfodish' and an explanation as to how this is used as a metaphor to link the films is included at the DISFODISH page.



Currently the major PROJECTS which I've been working on and have found the time to upload some information over is a large 5 part art-work called 'ZONDER STAAT STRAAT' which comments on the problems with democracy in a small country like Belgium. In relation to this project, you can also download your own I Love Cock/I Love Pussy 'T-Shirt Transfers' which show two of the major designs from this piece.


There is also the first episode in what I was planning to be a series of activities designed to get children enthusiastic about creating things and questioning what it is they are working on with my UTTERLY DISGUSTING PROJECTS. The first of these, called USED EWES' EYES is a PDF document with instructions on the thematic and practical realisation of the project, as well as a first set of stickers designed to be attached to the jars that will later contain the ocular appendages (or simulations thereof) mentioned in the title.


This project is a very personal one involved with ensuring the truth comes out about the crime committed by my aunt and cousins who misappropriated my grandparents estate enriching themselves. Although it will ultimately have no legal effect on these criminals, at least I can rest assured that the world has access to this information. Lidia Rozlapa (née Laskewicz) is in a powerful position in the education department and I question whether someone who's willing to misappropriate funds she was responsible for executing should have access to so much money and power.


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May 2008 Nachtschimmen Music-Theatre-Language Nightshades, Ghent (Belgium)
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