*a poem in 4 parts about travelling, learning and crossing boundaries in life....


1. Knowledge

It is through laughter
that one can find the path to happiness,
and it is through knowledge
that one can find the path to experience,
but I found true wisdom and joy
while travelling with you, my love…


2. Above the Storm

When you hear the harsh wind
against the cold stone walls of your abode,
keeping you safe from the emptiness
of the darkening night. . .

And when the pitter-patter of icy rain
lashes the dull glass windows protecting you
from the dead winter cold. . .

And even when the insistent hammering
of hail and snow knocks on the door
separating you from nature’s icy messenger
longing to entangle you in her fatal web. . .

You will still hear the gentle sigh of my longing
as my heart breaks in your absence. . .

Yes, even the howling of night’s creatues
will not deaden the longing I have for you, my love. . .


3. Ancient Sleep

My feet shall sprout roots
and I will be engulfed by the earth
becoming part of nature's kingdom,
ad I shall long to join you in night's ancient sleep
should death steal you from me
After nature hs transformed your being
I shall still long to linger above your place of sleeping,
should I be accursed with the life you have lost
the seething mystery of your absence keeping me at you resting place
Oh yes, my love, the unbearable longing
will make you live forever
within my broken hear


4. Quest for Meaning

Although it’s nice to get somewhere,
it’s really the journey that counts. . .
Passing through life we make many discoveries
and transgress many boundaries
And we search for answers to questions we hardly know!
How ironic it is, then, that such an answer
is part of the journey

It may be nice to have gotten here,
But I discovered that the truth
was part of travelling
with you, my love. . .


*Parts 1-3 were written for Guy De Mey, Saint-Valentine's Day 2001, and were then entitled 'TRANSGRESSIONS'; it was also used as the text for a musical composition I composed for Guy's voice, 2 violins, 'cello & harpsichord. For the music a fourth verse was added, and this is the first time all four parts are being released together as a film of the performance is made public and the score is made available.

TRANSGRESSIONS (Poem by Zachàr Laskewicz in 4 parts)



May 2008 Nachtschimmen Music-Theatre-Language Nightshades, Ghent (Belgium)
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