You're the light that's
fading fr
om the
remnants of the day;
You're a hollow whisper
leaving darkness
then dismay . . .

You're the sight
forever lost from
one sad blinded eye;
You're a muffled moan
and a stifled
aching cry . . .

You're all those things
that long ago
I did so long to do -
but most of all
you're all the lies
I once believed
were true.

What's there to fear
because of you there
is so little left;
Now I've just got
remnants being of
so much bereft.

Though you're just
 a blurry shade
one always here
who never stayed -
still I know you'll
never go away.

- dedicated to Caroline Wilkins
Zachàr Laskewicz
26 May 2011, Ghent


REMNANTS (Poem by Zachàr Laskewicz)



May 2008 Nachtschimmen Music-Theatre-Language Nightshades, Ghent (Belgium)
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